Sources for More Expert Information

3D Live! Playbook from Sports Video Group

Explore information from the 3D Human Factors community here.

A Webinar "3D for the Content Provider" Stream the Webinar here. See the agenda here. March 2011

3ality Digital's Steve Schklair sat down with Variety411 to record useful Tech Tips on 3D.
Part 1 - 3D and 3ality Digital.
Part 2 - 3D Technology Adapts.
Part 3 - 3D What's a Rig?.
Part 4 - 3D Rigs and Cameras.
Part 5 - 3D Demand for Content.

BSkyB has published detailed 3D technical specifications for broadcasters. Oct 2010

Free downloadable shooting guide and other information for shooting in stereo. Oct 2010

Download a great app for the stereographer - a portable real-time depth simulator from cine3D. Oct 2010

Read Harmonic's view on a wide range of 3D video issues in this Videonet article on 3D. Aug 2010

Here's a article on the lessons learned about intense live 3D Production based on ESPN's experience on the FIFA Cup. Oct 2010

Check out this Poster! SONY has created a great poster depicting the creation process for 3D entertainment. Sep 2010

Also from SONY, Paul Cameron, from the SPEAK Training team, provides a video introduction to the theory and real-world practice of 3D. Oct 2010

An Introduction to 3D Cinematography by noted lecturer and writer, Bernard Mendiburu. Aug 2010

The Present (and Past) of 3D Sports from the Sports Video Group Conference. May 2010

Expert Commentary on the 3D Market and Technologies from Advanced Imaging Society White Papers. Sep 2010

Special Edition on Production for Quality 3D published by TVB Europe. Jun 2010

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