3D Human Factors & the User Experience

Researching, analyzing, defining, developing and deploying a successful S3D experience hinges on the ability to provide a compelling user experience that consumers will thoroughly enjoy.

There are many variables in 3D - types of display, lighting, age, unknown aspects around the human factors issues and user experience. At Advanced Imaging Society we are at the forefront of testing each variable to determine the ideal technical requirements, environment and settings for 3D.

We will be providing critical and interesting research results, links and information via this web presence. We believe the subject is important and deserves a great deal of attention.

In an effort to kick start these activities. I3DS & Advanced Imaging Society sponsored a series of mini-symposia on the subject of 3D and human factors. Experts from around the world come together to discover and discuss the 3D experience. You may not have been able to join us in person, but the following links provide much of the information that was shared.

3D Mini-Symposium

December 7, 2010 - Hosted by Motorola

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The Biological Basis of Stereo Acuity - Prof. Tom Albright, Vision Center Lab, Salk Institute

How Common is Stereo Blindness? - Dr. Michael Duenas, American Optometric Association

Overview of the Juvenile Visual System - Dr. Maureen Powers, Gemstone Foundation

3D Vision & Health

March 15, 2011 - Hosted by SUNY College of Optometry

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The Virtual System and Virtual 3D - Jim Sheedy, OD, PhD, Vision Performance Institute of Pacific University

3D: The User Experience Story - Philip J. Corriveau, Principal Engineer, Intel & Chair, Human Factors Steering Team, Advanced Imaging Society

The Industry Response to Public Health Needs - Advanced Imaging Society

Visit 3DEyeHealth.org.

Vision and 3D

June 1-3, 2011 - Organized by Pacific University, Vision Performance Institute

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Vergence and Accommodative Responses to Viewing 3D - Shun-nan Yang, VPI

Visual Fatigue and Vergence-Accommodation Conflict in 3D - Joohwan Kim, UC Berkeley, School of Optometry

Eyestrain and Accommodative Dysfunction - Christopher Chase, Western University of Health Sciences

Advanced Imaging Society and the American Optometric have developed a location with links to many sources of information on 3D & and Eye Health.