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Steering Team 5: Human Factors

Mission: assist 3D stakeholders in understanding the impact of viewing digitally-created stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic images on the human physiology.


  • Catalog existing research from around the world on 3D human factors.
  • Maintain list of research proposals and create prioritization.
  • Assemble an advisory body of world-class experts to broaden our knowledge and reach
  • Generate discussion of worldwide experts on the impact of 3D through symposia and other methods.

Chair: Philip Corriveau, Principal Engineer and Director of the User Experience Research Group at Intel Corp.
Vice Chair:: Paulette Pantoja, CEO of BluFocus

Meetings: The majority of meetings are held via teleconference.  Meetings are also held during the Consortium’s Quarterly meeting. Ongoing work and communication is provided through Member Only website.

Explore information from the 3D Human Factors community here.