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Steering Team 4:  3D Consumer Products

Mission: Identify evaluate and make recomendations around the methods and products to enhance the 3D in home experience.


  • Creation of information on 3D glasses, including tracking availability, creating testing and measurement parameters, and assisting CEA in the testing of glasses to support their standards development work in that area.
  • Assist CEA Plugfest and other methods of assuring interoperability between 3D equipment in the home.
  • Creation and updates for the 3D display technology family tree diagram
  • Publication of white papers and other technical and consumer oriented information on a variety of topics on 3D consumer products
  • Develop industry level common naming conventions and  vocabulary
  • Input to file format discussions
  • Reach out to standards bodies, associations, organizations and companies working on 3D display metrology to identify areas of unmet needs. Liaisons established to date include, CEA, SCTE, ICDM, MPEG IF, HDMI, and SMPTE
  • Provide gap analysis of 3D test procedures

Chair: Juan Reyes, CTO, BluFocus, Inc.

Documents Released:
ST4-01: Glossary
ST4-02: 3D Display Technology Family Tree View the Poster
ST4-03: 3D Passive Glasses Database
ST4-04: 3D Active Shutter Glasses Database
ST4-05: 3D Glasses Testing Procedure

Meetings: The majority of meetings are held via teleconference.  Face-to-face meetings are held during the Consortium’s Quarterly meeting. Ongoing work and communication is provided through the members-only website.