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Steering Team 2:  Content Storage, Transmission & Distribution

Objective:  To develop useful definitions and guidelines for the successful storage, transmission and distribution of 3D content


  • Create tools for communication among content distributors of the needs and requirements for successful distribution of 3D content.
  • Define and develop use cases for transmission of 3D content
  • Monitor and liaison with standards bodies for successful communication of efforts and ensure useful and complimentary work

Defining a generic 3D eco-system for equipment and transmission

Providing a roadmap for transition to full high definition 3D with scenarios and identifying the likely challenges.

Created a list of 'minimum requirements' to assist the industry in defining 3D distribution channels and the 3D display interface and their common issues.

Developed use cases for common scenarios and the minimum requirements

Standards Bodies & Liaison Relationships - CEA, SMPTE, SCTE, DVB, HDMI, and the ATSC

Chair:  Thierry Borel, Technicolor

Meetings: Majority of meetings are held via teleconference, approximately every two weeks.  Meetings are also held during the Consortium’s Quarterly meeting. Ongoing communication is provided through members-only web-based collaboration.