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Steering Team 1:  3D Content Creation

Mission:  Uphold the need for quality 3D in the home by focusing on education, expert resources and the refinement of techniques for the professional content creation audience.


  • Develop guidelines for improving the quality of 3D content production
  • Support standards efforts to define mastering methodologies and metadata necessary for successful 3D content distribution
  • Develop best practices for the workflow in 3D content creation


The team is supporting the 3D StEM project underway in the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) and exploring the best and most useful method of providing standard test and evaluation material to other 3D content creating community.

The team created a BD of 3D Test Clips for test and evaluation purposes for other Advanced Imaging Society members. The BD is currently being distributed to members.

The team formed an advisory committee to define 3D quality. These eight experienced advisors add their expertise and perspective on 3D content creation, and teach others about 'high-quality' stereoscopic 3D. This information is posted as columns, articles, videos and graphics discussed in public forums and in the From the Experts section of this site.

Chair:  Jon Shapiro, 3ality Digital

Meetings: Bi-weekly for one hour