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Upcoming 3D Events

9/24/14 3DU: 3D, 4K & U Main Theater at Paramount Pictures Studio, Hollywood, CA

Past 3D Events

8/23/14 Member Screening w/Q&A: “Guardians of the Galaxy at The Walt Disney Studios Burbank, CA
8/6/14  Enhanced Dynamic Range event: Deluxe Burbank, CA
6/22/14 Member Screening w/LA 3DClub: “Stalingrad” Los Angeles, CA
6/9/14  Member Screening w/Robert Stromberg & Palak Patel: “Maleficent” at The Walt Disney Studios Burbank, CA
5/21/14 Panel: Cannes Film Festival Cannes, France
4/23/14 Member Screening w/Q&A: “Noah” 3D at Paramount Pictures Hollywood, CA
4/8/14  Board of Governors Presentation & Reception: NAB Las Vegas, NV
3/12/14 Society Chapter: UK 3D Creative Conference London, England
1/28/14 5th Annual Creative Arts Awards - Warner Bros. Burbank, CA
12/6/13 Society Chapter: EU Creative Arts Awards Liége, Belgium
11/25/13 Society Chapter: China 3DU + Creative Arts Awards Beijing, China
11/19/13 Society Chapter: Japan 3DU + Creative Arts Awards Tokyo, Japan
10/22/13 Panel: CEA Futures Forum - 3D Printing Century City, CA
10/16/13 Society Masters Series: 3D + 4K - DreamWorks Animation Glendale, CA
10/4/13 Society Chapter: EU Awards Screenings  Berlin, Germany
10/2/13 Member Reception: 4DX Hollywood, CA
9/21/13 Society Chapter: Canadian Creative Arts Awards Vancouver, Canada
9/18/13 4th Annual Technology & New Product Awards  Hollywood, CA
9/9/13  Panel: IFA  Berlin, Germany
5/16/13 I3DS: Cannes Film Festival 3D University Cannes, France
1/9/13  Panel: CES - 3D & UHD Las Vegas, NV
5/5/12 3D University: "From Basics to Aesthetics" Hollywood, CA
4/1/12 3D Keynote Panel at MIP Cannes, France
3/27/12 3DU Screening: IMMORTALS Beverly Hills, CA
2/27/12 3DU: Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
2/1/12 3D Creative Arts Awards Hollywood, CA
1/19/12 3D Technology Awards Hollywood, CA
10/28/11 3DU - China Beijing, China
10/27/11 I3DS China Kick-Off Beijing, China
10/25/11 3DU - Korea Seoul, Korea
10/24/11 I3DS Korea Kick-Off Seoul, Korea
10/22/11 3D Creative Arts Awards - Japan Tokyo, Japan
10/21/11 3DU Tokyo, Japan
10/20/11 I3DS Japan Kick-Off Tokyo, Japan
10/12/11 3D World: Javits Center New York, NY
9/22/11 3D Film Festival: Los Angeles Film School Hollywood, CA
9/20/11 3D Summit Hollywood, CA
6/24/11 I3DS: 3DU - Campus MovieFest, Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory Universal Studios, CA
6/20/11 SMPTE: 2nd Annual International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D for Media and Entertainment New York, NY
6/18/11 I3DS: 3DU - Sony Pictures Imageworks, Harryhausen Theatre Culver City, CA
5/20/11 New Media Film Festival: Los Angeles Film School Hollywood, CA
2/9/11 I3DS: 2011 3D Creative Arts Awards Hollywood, CA
2/8/11 I3DS: 3DNA Conference Hollywood, CA
10/19/10 I3DS: 2010 3D Technology Awards Hollywood, CA
10/9/10 I3DS: 3DU - Sony Pictures Imageworks Culver City, CA
10/9/10 I3DS: 3DU with Producers Guild of America, 20th Century Fox Studios Century City, CA
7/17/10 I3DS: 3DU - Disney Burbank, CA
6/17/10 I3DS: 2D to 3D Conversion Culver City, CA
5/17/10 I3DS: Cannes Reception Cannes, France
5/11/10 I3DS: DreamWorks Screening Hollywood, CA
5/4/10 I3DS: Discovery Reception Beverly Hills, CA
2/23/10 I3DS: 2010 3D Creative Awards Hollywood, CA
1/20/10 I3DS: XpanD Reception Culver City, CA