Top Reasons to Join the Advanced Imaging Society

  1. Learn about the latest developments, issues and challenges across the entire eco-system from content to transmission to display — and understand where the opportunities lie
    • We are a technology-neutral organization
    • We do not promote a specific technology or solution
  2. Monitor and Influence standards setting bodies as they create standards for equipment and format
    • Our liaisons include: CEA, SMPTE, MPEGIF, ATSC, SCTE and more
    • Liaisons updates are given bi-monthly or monthly during applicable Steering Team meetings
  3. Create next generation technology roadmaps
    • Identifying issues, challenges and opportunities
  4. Network and interface with key industry players from around the world
    • The Society is an international organization.
    • Our membership includes key industry players from Hollywood, consumer electronics companies, silicon providers, software providers, testing companies, satellite services, broadcasters and more.
  5. Support the expanded and proactive consumer marketing of VR, HDR, HFR and 3D
    • Help dispel myths through our non-branded channel
    • Leverage information on consumer perception across the entire industry
    • Provide white papers and other useful sales tools for the retail community