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The Lumiere Award has been delivered to the world’s leading creative and technology leaders, including: Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, James Cameron and others.  Created by the renowned designer, Ellen Frances, and manufactured by R.S. Owens, makers of the Oscar and the Emmy, the Lumiere serves as the industry standard for recognizing outstanding achievement in cutting edge content and technology.

Every year, the Society recognizes outstanding member achievement in the Creative Arts and Technologies at its top-tier Lumiere™ Awards events.  The Society has conferred over 200 Lumiere™ Awards internationally, including celebrations in Hollywood, Tokyo, Beijing, Liége, Belgium, and Seoul.


The 2017 Lumiere Awards were held Monday, February 13th, 2017 at Warner Bros. Studios.

The Society recognizes outstanding international achievement in Advanced Imaging film, television, virtual reality, video games, advertising, mobile, electronic broadcast media and other formats of creative content through its Lumiere™ Awards.


Recognizing outstanding international achievement in Advanced Imaging innovation and impact through its Technology Awards.

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